Two Among the Horror


Gabriel Acebrón – Animator
Cuenca – Spain

I have traveled hundreds of worlds. I have lived many adventures. I’ve met amazing characters. But there’s nothing like real life.

Twitter: @Gabri_aj




Roberto Acebrón - Compositor


Roberto Acebrón – Music composer
Cuenca – Spain

Listening the music is not enough, also you must see it.

Web: Framebox Producciones
Twitter: @Rober_AJ
Facebook: Roberto Acebrón
Instagram: @rober_ark



Maralba Alcaide - Diseñadora de narrativa


Maralba Alcaide – Storytelling
Madrid – Spain

Where imagination has its orchard, truth is its salt.

LinkedIn: Maralba Alcaide
Facebook: Acambia Design
Web: Acambia




Iñaki Andrés - Programador


Iñaki Andrés – Programmer
Navarra – Spain

I don’t know what you see me, but it never mind me.

Web: Buarabi





Two Among the Horror


Álvaro Coscolín – Programmer
Zaragoza – Spain

Please, can you give me a decaffeinated white coffee with 3 small cubes in a highball glass and the straw facing Mecca?





Ada Ferran - Modeladora 3D

Ada Ferran – 3D modeler
Barcelona – Spain

After numerous surgeries, the world deigned to be eaten by me. The sweet taste of freshly ingested salt vanished with the flight of a drone.

The catastrophe had just begun.

Web: Ada Ferran
Twitter: @Ada_Ferran



David García - Compositor


David García – Music composer
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – Spain

People say that being a gamer I do not enjoy life, I say that I enjoy thousand lives and a thousand stories.

Twitter: @FrikusMaximus




Fernando González - Diseñador de narrativa

Fernando González – Storytelling
Valencia – Venezuela

Once, listening to Never Gonna Give You Up, a person asked me «What green is the color?». Since, I did not stop writing, because something tells me that at some point I will find the answer to that question in my writings.

Twitter: @Feragon42
Facebook: Fernando González


Antonio Gutiérrez - Artista conceptual


Antonio Gutiérrez – Game concept
Valencia – Spain

I live the dream of conquering the world with an army made of koalas … lovely koalas.

Web: Antonio Gutiérrez
LinkedIn: Antonio Gutiérrez




J. Felipe Molina – Programador


J. Felipe Molina – Programmer
Cartagena – Spain

I have four cats at home. At the time it seemed almost a good idea.

Twitter: @JFMolina
LinkedIn: J. Felipe Molina
Facebook: J. Felipe Molina
Web: Over Software



Emilio Ormeño - Programador


Emilio Ormeño – Programmer

San Juan – Argentina

Sometimes people ask me if the hyperspheres of the extragalactic space affect the Aristotelian philosophy, or perhaps to factual safety of the non dogmatic Socratic dialogues. Then, I always answer that my favorite color is blue.

Twitter: @eormeno
LinkedIn: Emilio Ormeño
Facebook: Emilio Ormeño


Daniel Parra - Director - Diseñador - Programador


Daniel Parra – Director / Designer / Programmer
Valencia – Spain

In my free time I like to drink a glass of brandy, listening the soundtrack of Final Fantasy X lying down, doing nothing.

Twitter: @DaniParraLopez
LinkedIn: Daniel Parra



Pablo Rodríguez-Tembleco - Compositor

Pablo Rodríguez-Tembleco – Music composer
Trondheim – Norway

There are 4 expressions that can use to answer everything and that will make you get far in this life: «At last,» «I knew it», «Not again» and «That’s what she said».

Example: «You’re going to have to enter again.»
You are welcome.
P.D: Nobuo Uematsu is God.
Facebook: Pablo Rodríguez-Tembleco
Web: La cuarta odisea
YouTube: Pau The Player

José Ignacio Sánchez - Compositor



José Ignacio Sánchez – Music composer

Sofía – Bulgary

Facebook: José Ignacio Sánchez




Sergio Sánchez - Diseñador


Sergio Sánchez – Designer
Madrid – Spain

Barbarity is the natural state of mankind. Civilization, however, is artificial, is a whim of time. Barbarity will always triumph at the end.

– Robert E. Howard –

Twitter: @GuarriorChief
LinkedIn: Sergio Sánchez


Two Among the Horror



Sergio Such – 3D modeler
Valencia- Spain

Web: Razku Factory





Two Among the Horror

Andrés Tomás – Game concept
Valencia – Spain

I’d like to be a sausage Oscar Mayer

Because it’s what I really enjoy

And because being a sausage Oscar Mayer

It is the greatest joy

LinkedIn: Andrés Tomás