Two Among the Horror

The videogame idea was born at House of Diogenes’s Blog some time ago. At that moment we wrote some posts with the aim of designing a video game in a collaborative fashion. Due the success of the initiative, we decide to publish the project in IndieCG with the purpose of forming a team to develop it. After a short time, the team was ready to start the development of the videogame; always following the original idea published in the blog.

Two Among the Horror puts us in the 50s, in an alternate universe. The Earth has been virtually destroyed because of various alien attacks and only near the 20 percent of the humanity has survived. During the game we must control simultaneously two surviving kids. Our mission is to guide them through the rubble of the city, avoiding being seen and heard by the aliens, collaborating each other while they try to control their fear until find their father. But, the things are more complicated than they seem; the aliens are intelligent and they are everywhere.


Two Among the Horror




She is a young girl of 12 years old. From an early age she showed an special interest on sports. Her parents always supported her, indeed, they did what they could to make her happy. So she grew up playing several sports she loved. Her school performance was no good, but she was awesome at physical activity alone. She spend her free time playing with her skate. She is not a violent girl, but she never hesitates to return the joke when her classmates spend bad jokes on her.



He is a shy boy of eight years old.  He  is not a good student, he loves reading, watching movies and playing video games, so he’s able to spend a long time in his room without getting bored. Even Though he’s shy with most people,  he always expressed his love for his family. From a young age, he spent his free time with his sister playing socker or any other sport that she loved; until he finally realized that he liked other activities. He likes all kinds of stories, except horror ones, since he is not particularly a brave child.