Main characters concept of Two Among the Horror

Welcome to this new post of blog of development of the videogame Two among the horror (#TwoAmongHorror). In the preview post we saw the game’s organization, on this one we’ll going to show you the main characters of this story,  now that we’ve already seen their  silhouettes in the  logo of the game, but not their details.


Two Among the Horror


To get to the concept of the kids the screenplay  team is in charge of sketching the story and then describe the characters and after discarding a few  ideas we found one that we all liked. At first we thought of Two boys but later we decided we  prefer a  girl and a boy due the fact that in most of games the main character is a man, we wanted to avoid this prototype. Let’s  see their description:



She is a twelve young year  old girl. She always had a  special  interest in sports, the reason why other  girls rejected ver. Her parents never  repressed her, in fact they did whatever to make her happy, that’s why she  grew up doing  several sports she loved. She never was to good  at studying but she shined in whatever included physical activities in solitaire. She Spends her  spare time with the skate, alone on the streets of her city. Not a  violent girl but when her classmates spend bad jokes at her she doesn’t doubt in giving them what they deserve. She  prefers to be alone and most of her friends are boys. She is inexpressive with her family  even with her little brother Mike, which always  wants to be with her, and Diana  hates it. In social or familial reunions she use to put on her headphones and escapes in her one world, and besides her parents  insistence, she doesn’t talk to anyone. A little  lazy and moody and  also replies… She always gets to do the less, not to work too  much, and  also not being punished.

When her little sister was born, Diana started to help her mother, finding out this way a overprotecting and tender side of her, that she  didn’t understand.

She doesn’t have patience and her capacity to socialize is minimal, for what she  may seem nihilistic and unstading which is not true, but she might be a bit  megalomaniac due  to  all her exits.

She can be  described as a graceful girl, as a result of her  constant exercising, she is thin and strong. She has long hair that normal y ties up, dresses with jeans and sport shoes. Always has an opened sport jacket, and she is 1.60  meters high.

Characters  we thought when we created Diana (these characters are  inspiration of a possible evolution, not of her  exact personality) : Lara Croft (Tom Raider 2013), Elie (TLOU), Jodie (Beyound: Two Souls).

Arya (Game of Thrones season one) would be a similar  reference of her style and  attitude. A rude and proud girl but in this case not social. She is not brave (she  pretends to be but she isn’t) she is mature.

After fighting with some  concepts this is the result:

Diana - Two Among the Horror




He is a  introvert 8 year old boy. Even though he doesn’t study so much, he likes to  read ,  movies and videogames which is why he can stay locked in his room without getting bored. Even though he is shy with any other persons, he constantly express his love to his family. Since he was born, he spent his afternoons running after his sister, playing with the balloon or doing what sort of sport she was into. Until he realized that he was being another kind of entertainment. He  likes all kind of stories except horror, now that he isn’t supposed to be a brave one.

At school he was another one with not so many friends, not the best at anything so he can be popular, but he gets good marks. He has a open relationship with his family, He’s  practically the only one who speaks with his  parents at dinner ( for example). He gets  along good with his sister, even though since she is in high school he turned into her  movie partner. He followed her sister everywhere to spend time with her, but she didn’t pay  attention. When their parents left them alone he used to hide behind her body  so no one could see him. When Claudia was born he felt excluded from the family since he use to have the  center of attention 24 hours a day. But he wasn’t so affected because he didn’t need anyone to play video games or reading.

Mike can be described as a thin,  weak and coward boy who doesn’t’ care so  much about his physical appearance, for what he has a medium long messy hair. Additionally he’s shy for what people ends up rejecting him….or simply gets invisible. But He’s  an intelligent and fast mind and body boy. He dresses with shorts and large and comfortable flannels and sport shoes. He has to use glasses because of vision problems even though he refuses to wear them so his sister didn’t laugh of him. He is 1.37 meters high.

Characters who we thought when creating Mike: Tim (Jurassic Park), Rickon Stark (Game of Thrones), Gray (Jurassic World).

And this is the concept result:

Mike - Two Among the Horror


This is the kids concept even though the colour is kind of significant, we made several colour proofs but we have to try it on game to ensure that it can be seen properly with the  rest of  elements and with the light.


Diana y Mike - Two Among the Horror


Now we know a little more about Two Among the Horror and it’s characters, and se say goodbye with this question: which version  of Mike and Diana you like most? 😀


Next post: Enemies concept of Two Among the Horror: Vigía.


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