Enemies concept of Two Among the Horror: Vigía

Welcome again to the blog de desarrollo del videojuego Two Among the Horror (#TwoAmongHorror), in the preview post we introduced you Diana and Mike, the main characters of the game. In this part we  want to show you one of the enemies we’ll have to hide of during the game, the Vigía.

Vigía vistas - Two Among the Horror


For the ones who have followed us since we have  started to  design  the game in the  blog of House of Diogenes you already know this enemy, it’s about the watching dron , named Vigia. Let’s see the   design description

The Vigía has a surveillance fixed route and a limited   visión land  . we  will  represent the visión  land with lights like it would be analyzing the zone.  You can mislead these  drones throwing objects to their  vision land.

If one character is inside his vision land , depending of the  distance and time it  will aproach to the patrol speed. When the alarm level is full it  will make a noise that   will alert the aliens  and will show up in the zone. While the dron is making that sound, it won’t be able to move and kids will have the opportunity to hide.

Once the technical definition  is clear the screenplay team is in charge of giving it shape and  link it with the story, let’s see the visual description of this enemy:

These machines look like a floating pillar with a series of some kind of eyes around it ,  it moves with an auto-programmed course and when it detects something it stays still and starts a sound that gives the alarm. There  is another type, bigger ones, that stand still in a determinate zone. These ones look like a lighthouse. These drones are a meter high.

And the result of the concept  is the one you can see in the images. 😀


Vigía detalles - Two Among the Horror

Now  we know a little more about the enemies of  Two Among the Horror, in the next post  will talk about the game universe ¡see you!


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