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Here we are after a week! As you know this is the video game development blog Two Among the Horror (#TwoAmongHorror) where you will be seeing the development process. In the previous post we saw how the idea of the game was born. Today we will comment some aspects of the methodology we use to organize tasks and equipment, in addition to the software that we are using. Lets start!


Two Among the Horror


As you know we are 17 people working on the project and is not easy to organize and coordinate many people. Some people think we’re crazy and that is a lot of people for this project. I think that in the development of a «normal» game would be right, but in this case we are working in a collaborative fashion, and we are using our free time in the game developing. All of us have our own tasks and work, studies and other responsabilities, so we cant devote 40 hours a week to the project. Average we can devote about 10 hours a week.

Adding to this, in a collaborative project like this is easy for people to get demotivate, luckily our team is not having such problems, people are very responsible and fulfills its task.

Also one of the main advantages of having several people in each department, is that we can do much work in a parallel way. For example, we can be doing 3 different concepts or working in several ambient sounds or music at the same time.

For communication we use Skype. We have a group for the whole team and a group by department for doing specific and general meetings. There are other alternatives to Skype as Slack that works as a chat, interoperates with Trello and is linked to Google Drive. Trello is the task management program we use, it allows you to create lists and assign tasks, set an expiration date, upload comments and is very simple to use. We use Google Drive for exchanging files and is where we have all documentation. It allows us to simultaneously edit a document among several people, and its «preview of image» feature is very usefull for us.

As work methodology we use Scrum, that in briefly is a methodology that promotes organizing the project tasks in weekly sprints, and doing 15-20 minutes daily meetings to share how we are working, if we had problems and what we will do today. This technique has proven effectivity in get a great rapport with the team and the problems can be detected in early stages.

We specifically do not usually do daily meetings since it is possible that a team member can not work on the project for a few days. Also is difficult to agree regarding a specific moment in a day. In contrast, we usually share every few days the progress  and discuss problems that arise.

We use two forms to do weekly meetings, we settle mondays at a certain  hour and organize the week , on the other side, if we had a good communication, and  still  have work left to do, or it’s about something  we can quickly solve se settle an hour and directly speak through chat  as a matter of fact  the whole team uses Skype activated all day,  so it is relatively easy to contact the team.

In this post we talk you about the methodology and software that we use. Hope you have been interesting to know the methodology that we use in «Two Among the Horror» and that the reading had been no very heavy. As you know, if you want to ask us something do not hesitate in doing so. See you!


Next post: Main characters concept of Two Among the Horror.


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